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The Coach House Wine List

Please click on the following options to display our full wine list. Please note the prices of our wine list may vary and are subject to availability. 

Italian White and Rose Wine

House Wine - Glass 175ml/250ml - £5.50/£8.50, Bottle £21.00


Orvieto Classico Abboccatto D.O.C - Bottle £26.00
A semi-sweet wine, soft, fresh and well balanced with medium and a delicate floral-scented bouquet.

Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesu D.O.C Classico - Bottle £26.00
Pale yellow with a delicate and lingering aroma. Dry, fresh, nicely acidic with good fruit and a persistent bouquet.

Sauvignon Bianco Del Veneto I.G.T - Bottle £29.50
An elegant white wine. Pale yellow in colour with greenish hints. Particularly suited as an aperitif and perfect with hors d'oeuvres..

Pinot Grigio - Bottle £24.50
This is a stylish, dry aromatic wine, full of fruit flavours with a mouth-watering acidity.

Pinot Grigio Valdadige D.O.C., Santa Margherita - Bottle £33.00
Dry, full-bodied but crisp and firm in structure, with an intense and typical aroma. Pinot Grigio is considered worldwide one of the classic Italian white wines.

Gavi Di Gavi, - Bottle £32.00
Exquisitely smart, dry white. Fresh crisp and fruity on the nose and palate.

Gavi Di Gavi D.O.C.G.G., La Scolca Black Label - Bottle £68.00
Made from the Cortese grape and Gavi appellation. When drunk young it has a hint of fuzziness with charming honey rich flavour.

Rosumund D.O.C., Vinosia - Bottle £26.50
A lovely pale colour with just the right hint of orange vinous well rounded and powerfully scented, which goes well with food.

Rosamara Chiaretto del Grada D.O.C., Costaripa £36.00
Light pink colour with an ample and flowery bouquet, on the palate it is fresh and harmonious with a light almond aftertaste.

Italian Red Wine

 House Wine - Glass 175ml/250ml - £5.90/£8.50, Bottle £21.00

Merlot Del Veneto Orientale I.G.T., Santa Margherita - Bottle £28.50.

This is a delicious wine with soft tannins well to fore. Bright red colour, complex nose, which is nonetheless the fresh and fruit with agreeable hints of ripe red cherries. 

Valpolicella Classico - Bottle £28.00
This medium bodied ruby red wine is pleasantly fruity and smooth with a hint of spice, light tannin and a good finish.

Valpolicella Ripasso - Bottle £43.00

Deep ruby red in colour. A harmonious and velvety flavour. This wine has the right balance between tannins and acid consistency.

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G - Half Bottle £15.50, Bottle £31.00
Very pleasant bright ruby wine, with aromas of mature fruits and medium well-balanced flavours.

Salice Salentino Riserva DOP, San Marco - Bottle £33.50
Ruby red in colour tending to garnet with age. Vinous, intense delicate bouquet, dry and velvety flavour.

Cabernet Sauvignon Iconia, Antonino Ceresa - Bottle £32.00
A real gem from Veneto with wonderful aromas of spices, marasca cherry and black cherry. Excellent length of palate, full bodied with ripe but not overpowering tannins.

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, Casal Thaulero - Bottle £33.00
Medium bodied ruby red with intense fruit flavours. Well balanced with good structure.

Antinori Rosso - Bottle £38.50
Matured in French oak barriques for 18 months. Powerful and concentrated with a flavour of ripe red fruits underlined by soft toast, spice and herbs.

Barbera D'Alba Peiragal - Bottle £47.00


This wine is ruby red in colour with a brilliant garnet border. Its fresh and lively nose has distinct traces of blackcurrant, berries, toasted hazelnut and vanilla,.

Barolo Oddero - Bottle £58.50


A powerful wine aged in oak for at least two years for fullness and longevity. Made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes the dry flavours best match with red meat.

Marchesi di Barolo Riserva - Bottle £89.00


Red garnet with orange reflections. Full taste and elegant. Hints of flowers, liquorice, tobacco and cinnamon. Full bodied with soft tannins.

Barbarescsa, Serragrilli Marchesi di Barolo - Bottle £85.00


Ruby red colour with garnet reflections. Less intense with hints of berries, dog nose and spices. Full flavour, elegant and full bodied.

'La Sorte" Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOC - Bottle £65.00


Intense garnet red with a strong, persistent, ethereal and fruity bouquet with hints of black cherry.

Amarone Classico Costa Sierra, Masi - Bottle £72.00


Full garnet red colour, distinctive, vinous mature with a rich spicy bouquet.

Brunello di Montalcino Col D'Orcia - Bottle £68.00

Produced from Sangiovese grapes. This wine has a pleasing deep ruby red colour with garnet hues. Its flavour is full bodied, dry and harmonious and the bouquet has overtones of vanilla and violets.

Chianti Riserva Ducale Gold Label, Ruffino - Bottle £68.50
The most full-bodied wine in the Vicchiomaggio range. A big elegant wine with pepper and spice, sweet fruit and vanilla. Full-bodied and vibrant when released.

Barolo Cannubi - Bottle £89.00
Garnet red in colour with ruby reflections. Intense nose with traces of roses, vanilla, liquorice and spices.

Le Serre Nuove, Ornellaia - Bottle £95.00


An elegant wine, deep ruby red in colour with purple highlights. The nose is characterised by scents of small red berries and balsamic notes. The quality of the tannins on the palate is quite striking, smooth and silky.

Il Bruciato,Bolgheri - Bottle £65.00


Intensely ruby red in colour. Well structured and harmonious on the palate. Fresh fruity notes dominate the finish giving the wine a lush and sweet finish.

Tignanello 2016 - Bottle £187.00
A new vintage of a sought after wine produced in Tuscany.

Sassicaia - Bottle £425.00
A new vintage of a sought after wine produced in Tuscany.

New World White Wine


Sauvignon Blanc Cloudy Bay - Bottle £53.80
Sauvignon Blanc has a powerfully aromatic bouquet, with hints of tropical lime; complex layers of flavours overlay the palate from mango to earthy capsicum. A classic Sauvignon.

New World Red Wine

Rioja Reserva, Spain - Bottle £32.50
This wine is ruby red colour, has a smooth mature fruit taste with an oak and vanilla finish.


French White Wine

Sancerre - Bottle £39.50
An aromatic wine with a smoky tangy flavour and a fresh fruit fragrance hinting of gooseberries.

Chablis - Bottle £36.50
Zesty zingy dry white, with superb good acidity and mineral qualities in the palate.

Pouilly Fuisse - Bottle £42.00
Good clean citrus fruit taste, mixed with ripe apple flavour.

Chablis Veau Lignau 1ER CRU - Bottle £48.50
Good strength and depth of flavour with a hint of green apples on the nose and a long lasting aftertaste.


French Red Wine

Fleurie - Bottle £33.50
Pure, lush, silky wine, seductive and disarming, very tasty rich and low in tannin.

Chateauneuf Du Pape - Bottle £57.00
Deep, rusty red wine, low in acidity but nicely tannic with good alcohol levels. Thirteen different red and white grape varieties are permitted and the resulting flavour of this blend is distinctive.

Gevrey Chambertin - Bottle £64.00
Deliciously deep coloured wine with an intensive aromatic bouquet, reminiscent of blackcurrants, and often liquorice when mature. Powerful on the palate, yet smooth with good tannins.

Nuits St Georges - Bottle £64.00
A robust wine with an intense, dark colour and smoky earthy flavours. The aromas are powerful and complex, a solid corpulent wine.

Champagne & Sparkling


Prosecco  - Glass £7.50, Bottle £32.50
This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and a refreshing lively style.

House Champagne Brut - Glass £11.00, Bottle £44.00
From a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, light, fruity and easy drinking with a yeasty aroma.

Moet Et Chandon Premier Cuvee - Bottle £59.00
Famous brand from the biggest champagne house with a delightful dry flavour and yeasty aroma.

Bollinger Special Cuvee - Bottle £73.00
Produced with over 85% of the grapes coming from the grand cru.

Laurent Perrier Rose - Bottle £89.00
A delightful pink colour, with a bouquet of summer fruits and a fine full, lasting flavours.

Dom Perignon - Bottle £240.00
A superior brand from Moet et Chandon, named after the legendary Abbey Cellarmaster who "invented" the champagne.

Cristal Champagne "Luis Roeder" - Bottle £290.00
Luis Roeder develops a rich rounded flavour that astonishes and delights the palate. A lingering fruitiness with hints of hazelnut and toast ends on a very fresh floral note.


Wines recommended by Enzo...


"Iconia" Cabernet Sauvignon D.O.C. 2016 - Bottle £31.00

Villa Bari red is an intense wine, soft and pleasant with a well balanced body. It is a perfect match for traditional dishes.

Primitivo I.G.T. 2017 - Bottle £29.50
It has a spectacular concentration, intensity and elegance. The taste will surprise with depth and cleanliness and incredible smoothness of its tannin. The richness of its fruit, its freshness and balance are signs of great longevity.

Chianti Peppoli - Bottle £38.00
Ruby red in colour with purple highlights. Fruity notes of cherries and redcurrant on the nose. A very delicate wine with smoky sensations created by the oak ageing.

Fleurie - Bottle £35.00


A fine spicy nose with white pepper notes followed by fresh red fruit with floral undertones. A well balanced palate with an elegant finish makes this a perfect choice to pair with grilled meats and cheese.


Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Santa Margherita - Bottle £38.50

A clean and pleasantly fruity bouquet reminiscent of apples and peach. A rounded flavour and well balanced.

 Bar List


Mineral Water - £3.25

Coke, Lemonade, Tonic, etc. - £3.25

Fruit Juice - £3.25


Peroni/Moretti - £5.20


Aperitifs & Mixers - from £7.50

Spirits - from £6.50

Spirits & Mixer Large - from £8.50

Brandy - from £6.00

Liqueurs - from £6.50

Hennessey XO - from £14.50

Armagnac - from £7.50

Remy - from £8.50

Armagnac Vintage - £MP


Malt Whisky - from £6.50

Irish Whiskey - from £6.00

Whisky - from £5.50

Jack Daniels - £6.00

Wines by the Glass

House Red/White 175ml/250ml - £5.50/£8.50

House Rose 175ml/250ml - £6.50/£8.70

Malbec 175ml/250ml - £6.50/£8.70

Merlot 175ml/250ml - £6.50/£8.70

Pinot Grigio 175ml/250ml - £6.20/£8.40

Sauvignon 175ml/250ml - £6.50/£8.70

Gavi 175ml/250ml - £7.80/£10.00

Dessert Wine - £7.80

House Champagne - £10.50

Prosecco - £7.50

Kir Royal - £12.00

Aperol Spritz - £10.50

Bellini - £10.50