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Lunch: Tues - Sat    12:00pm - 2:30pm 

Dinner: Tues - Thurs   6.00pm - 9:30pm (Last orders)

                Fri & Sat          5.30pm - 9.30pm (Last orders)




The Coach House A La Carte Menu



Starters - Cold

Duck Liver Pate - £9.00

Carpaccio di Manzo (marinated beef, olives and parmesan) - £16.90

Insalata con avocado, spinaci and pancetta (avocado, spinach and crispy bacon salad served with parmesan shavings) - £10.50

Fresh anchovies marinated in lemon and orange - £8.90

Insalata Tricolore (avocado, mozzarella and tomato) - £8.90

Fondi di Carciofi (artichoke hearts marinated with herbs) - £9.50

Avocado con Granchio Fresco (avocado with fresh crab and cocktail sauce) - £14.90

Coppa di Gamberetti e Granchio (avocado with prawns and crab in a cocktail sauce) - £14.90

Aragosta Cocktail (fresh lobster in a Mary Rose sauce) - from £24.00

Pera di Avocado della Casa (sliced avocado with smoked salmon, prawns, Mary Rose sauce and tartare sauce) - £12.50

Avocado con Gamberetti (avocado prawns with cocktail sauce) - £10.50

Insalata di Mare (marinated mixed seafood salad with prawns, squid, mussels, onions and peppers) - £11.50

Salmon Affumicato (smoked Scottish or Irish salmon) - £10.50

Proscuitto con Melone (Parma ham and melon) - £11.50


Starters - Hot

Calamari Fritti (fresh squid rings deep fried) - £11.00

Mezza Aragosta All'Aglio (1/2 lobster in garlic butter) - from £24.00

King Gamberoni Del Pacifico All'Aglio (pacific prawns with garlic butter, white wine and parsley) - £14.00

Coquille St Jacque (fresh scallops in a cream and mushroom sauce) - £14.90

Capesante All'Aglio (fresh scallops wrapped in bacon with white wine and garlic butter) - £14.90

Capesante Fresche al Sugo di Aragosta (fresh scallops in lobster sauce) - £14.90

Cozze Marinara or Provencial (mussels in a white wine and cream or tomato and garlic sauce) - £11.50

Sardine alla Griglia (fresh grilled sardines) - £8.90

Asparagi Fresche con Burro our Gratinee (fresh asparagus with butter or grilled cheese) - £9.80

Pera di Avocado "Da Felice" (baked avocado with stilton and prawns) - £12.00

Funghi alla Emiliana (sliced field mushrooms with strips of beef fillet, red wine and chilli) - £11.50

Costate alla Siciliana (spare ribs in a marsala, red wine, tomato and cane sugar sauce) - £11.90

Zuppa Fresca del Giorno (fresh soup of the day) - £8.00



 Spaghetti alla Bolognese (spaghetti with ragu sauce) - Starter £12.00/Main £18.50

Spaghetti alla Pomodoro (spaghetti cooked in tomato sauce with fresh basil) - £9.90/ £16.00

Fresh Vegetarian Ravioli (filled with asparagus and ricotta cheese) - £12.00/£18.50

Spaghetti Amatriciana (spaghetti with tomatoes, onions, bacon and fresh herbs) - £11.50/£16.00

Spaghetti alla Carbonara (spaghetti cooked with egg, bacon, cream and parmesan) - £10.50/£15.00

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Peperoncini (spaghetti with garlic, chilli pepper and fresh basil) - £10.50/£16.00

Lasagne al Forno - £12.50/£18.50

Risotto ai Frutti di Mare (risotto rice cooked with mussels, clams, squid and prawns) - £22.00

Risotto ai Funghi (risotto rice cooked with mushrooms) - £18.50




Razza Fresca (fresh skate wing) - £23.50

Branzino Fresco ( fresh sea bass fillets) - £21.50

Salmon Scozzese (fresh Scottish salmon) - £16.50

Merluzzo Fresco (fillets of fresh cod) - £16.80

Coda di Rospo (monkfish) - £25.00

Sogliola di Dover (Dover sole) - £34.50

Sogliola di Limone (lemon sole) - £26.00

Aragosta Fresca (fresh whole lobster served cold with garlic butter or hot with Thermidor sauce) - from £48.00

The manager will be delighted to recommend a selection of sauces to accompany your choice of fish.

Chicken and Meat

Pollo alla Sunshine (chicken breast with peppers, tomatoes, red wine, olives and garlic) - £15.50

Pollo Principessa (chicken breast fried in breadcrumbs with asparagus tips) - £15.50

Pollo Alice (chicken breast with onions, white wine and tomatoes) - £15.50

Anitra Speciale dello Chef (roast duck with an orange or black cherry sauce) - £23.00

Nodino di Vitello (veal chop served with a butter and sage sauce or plain grilled) - £24.00

Vitello Milanese (veal escalope in breadcrumbs) - £16.90

Piccata di Vitello con Limone (veal escalope in lemon juice and white wine) - £16.90

Saltimbocca alla Romana (veal escalope with parma ham, sage butter and white wine) - £18.00

Scaloppine ai Funghetto (veal escalope with mushrooms, cream, paprika, white wine and onions) - £16.90

Abbacchio alla Chef (lamb cutlets with chef's choice of sauce) - £22.50

Fegato di Vitello (calves liver 'as you like') - £16.00



Grilled Scotch Sirloin - £25.90

Costate di Manzo al Pepe (entrecote steak with a peppercorn, wine and cream sauce) - £27.90

Costata di Manzo Bettolese (entrecôte steak with wild mushrooms, shallots and gattinara wine) - £27.90

Costata di Manzo Pizzaiola (entrecôte steak with tomatoes, olives, garlic and red wine) - £27.90

Costata alla Fiorentina (T-bone steak) - £37.00

Filetto alla Griglia (grilled scotch fillet steak) - £27.90

Medaglione di Filetto con Stilton (medallion of fillet steak with stilton and port) - £28.50

Filetto Rossini (fillet of scotch beef with pate and Madiera sauce) - £28.50

Filetto Stroganoff con Riso (strips of beef fillet cooked with shallots, paprika, gherkins, mushrooms and cream on a bed of rice) - £28.00


Fresh vegetables of the day - £5.50
Crisp mixed or green salad - £4.50
Individual vegetables from £3.50
Zucchini - £3.80
Spinach - £3.80



Selection of desserts from the trolley from £7.00
Ice cream - £5.50
Zabaglione Al Marsala (for 2 people)
hot egg souffle with Marsala wine - £16.00
Crepes Suzette (for 2 people)
pancakes flamed in brandy with fresh orange juice & Grand Marnier - £22.00
Selection of cheeses from £9.00


Coffee (filter or decaffeinated) - £3.20
Espresso - £3.20
Cappuccino - £3.50  

Prices are subject to change according to market price.